Industry-Leading Project Management and Collaboration Technology
The Oracle Aconex cloud platform manages information and processes for the world’s largest construction and engineering projects. With more than 6 million users and more than US$1 trillion of project value delivered in 70 countries, it is the industry’s most widely adopted and trusted platform.


Owners and Delivery Teams trust Aconex for visibility, control, reduced risk, and connected teams. Drive process efficiency for design and construction coordination, project controls, and field management, and get fast ROI with Aconex construction management software that is easy to use and deploys in days.


1. The True common data environment
2. A neutral, universally fair platform
3. Advanced communications and forms
4. Model coordination in a common data environment
5. Integrated Project Controls
6. Real time collaboration and control of jobsite processes.
7. Secure and compliant, meeting the highest international security standards


1. Control, insights, effortless handover, & fast time to value
2. Manages process across the entire lifecycle
3. Connect the entire project team
4. Easy for teams to work faster & more safely, without errors
5. A Common Data Environment for all project and model information
6. Configure the platform to match specific processes
7. A single source of truths helps eliminate errors and multiple data entry
8. Complete data and in-depth insights for continuous learning and process improvement.

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