Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud is a complete and integrated solution which dramatically improves the way project-driven organizations work, enabling efficient and effective project management while ensuring smarter business decisions based on a single source of project truth. Project professionals benefit from its ground-up design to keep pace, keep score, and deliver extraordinary business and project insight. Mobile and embedded social capabilities ensure consistent communication in a secure, collaborative, team-based environment, for project delivery success.


Complete project portfolio management solution
Improve insight and make better decisions
Exceed project goals with best-in-class project financials
Increase productivity and be more profitable
Accelerate project delivery and success
Complete, modern project portfolio management


1. Modern, end-to-end enterprise PPM for a single source of project truth
2. Embedded social collaboration tools
3. Best-in-class project financials
4. Modular, easy to adopt project execution solution
5. Project resource management for best-fit resources on the right projects
6. Collaborative project planning and scheduling
7. Real-time social task management for team members
8. Mobile solutions for the project team
9. Integrated across the enterprise from opportunity to close-out
10. Trends and historical analysis for project key performance indicators
11. Role-based dashboards push exceptions and work to users
12. Embedded transactional intelligence guides business users’ decisions


1. Gain real-time access to a single source of project truth
2. Improve project decision making
3. Ease administrative burden of project financial planning
4. Faster visibility into validated project costs
5. Enforce and automate project contract compliance
6. Lower invoice processing costs and release invoices more quickly
7. Close the books faster
8. Optimize resource utilization and deployment
9. Accelerate and improve project plan development and accuracy
10. Empower team members with social task management
11. Improve project delivery and success

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