Oracle Primavera Analytics

Oracle’s Primavera Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your projects and portfolios in Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera Unifier so you can uncover trends and identify issues before they escalate, helping you to make better informed decisions.

You can focus on and directly improve your project performance with early-warning indicators, trending, and forecasting. Primavera Analytics alerts you about problem areas in your projects and allows you to take corrective action to keep your projects on track.



Primavera Analytics is an enterprise-wide business intelligence portal that benefits your organization by providing transparency into project portfolio performance and a single source of the truth. Oracle has collected years of best-practice metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, and scorecards from project, program, and portfolio managers to create Primavera Analytics. By implementing Primavera Analytics, you can immediately reap the benefits of proven methods of enhanced resource analysis, variance analysis, earned value management, and cost and schedule performance. With Primavera Analytics, you can leverage the power and flexibility of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform to add your own reports, scorecards, and KPIs to the solution beyond the pre-configured set of dashboards. You have full control to modify the default dashboards and can build your own reports.



Primavera Analytics provides powerful drill-down capabilities. You can move from a high-level portfolio view to specific projects to uncover the causes of negative project schedule or cost performance. Once you have found the problem, you can drill directly into Primavera P6 EPPM or Primavera Unifier from the Primavera Analytics dashboard to take corrective action



You will quickly identify which projects are performing well and exceeding expectations, as well as those negatively affecting your portfolios, your budgets, your cash flow, and your staffing issues. By focusing on the problem areas, you can direct proper management attention to projects which do not align to strategic objectives, are over- budget, or are underperforming.


1. Cloud Service and on-premise offerings
2. Publish project, portfolio and program performance on your enterprise portal
3. Personalize your dashboards for all organizational roles from team members to project managers to executives
4. Analyse early-warning indicators for project and portfolio problem areas
5. Manage resource efficiencies across your entire enterprise
6. Understand your cost sheet, cash flow, and business process data across all projects and portfolios
7. Analyse project performance trends overtime to help predict future results
8. Easily download any report to any format to use in your project status or portfolio review meetings
9. Manage off-line maintenance projects using daily burn downs and performance metrics
10. Track routine/on-line maintenance projects using KPIs based on INPO AP-928 standards


1. Understand performance and trends across all your projects and portfolios
2. Gain greater insight into your schedule and cost metrics
3. Access pre-built analytics and dashboards based on best practices
4. Customize reports and portals to meet your individual business needs
5. Use pre-configured industry samples based on asset intensive use cases
6. Immediately understand exceptions and perform root cause analysis
7. Leverage the power of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) including mobile support and geospatial visualization
8. Includes Oracle’s Primavera Data Warehouse

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